Thursday, May 15, 2008

DJ Zam - Sattar Minute (70 Min) Un Desi - 3


K.Suresh said...

Zam... really Sattar min. is very nice. all my fav songs r included ,,,thanks a lot.... no need to change the cd or the track again & again...Keep rocking hope to see many more from ur side... Suresh - IVY

Ashfaq said...

Zam, 70 min is toooo good, leme know when are u posting the next one

Kartik said...

Man I am truly impressed with Undesi 1 and 3 (didnt like 2 a lot). But I dont know where I can get a high quality version of Undesi 1 (I dont mind buying the CD as well but cant find it anywhere).

Awesome work. Sattar minute is also very very good!!